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Salt Cave for halotherapy

The only hotel in the Val di Fiemme to offer the benefits and wellness of salt

Enter our Salt Cave and heal your body. Breathe deeply and fill up with energies!

What halotherapy is


Halotherapy is a very ancient healing treatment capable of ensuring multiple benefits, especially for individuals suffering from respiratory issues and more specifically:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Allergies

Halotherapy helps treat these conditions thanks to the anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and purifying effects of salt.

Hotel with halotherapy: a pinch of the sea in the Dolomites


We have dedicated a special area to the wellness and health of our guests: the Salt Cave.


Thanks to a specific device, we can micronize salt particles (1-5 micron particles), allowing them to be inhaled through an aerosol nebulizer.


This process is completely natural and recognized by the Ministry of Health, thus we are operating in conditions of complete safety.


Each session lasts 30 minutes and corresponds to 3 full days by the seaside in terms of iodine absorption. We are proud to have brought the benefits of the sea to the Val di Fiemme!

Halotherapy also has a preventive and re-invigorating function, as it reinforces the immune system, above all in children, and reduces stress levels.


In the Latemar Hotel, you can enjoy more than just fresh air: here you will also find the benefits of salt and of the sea.


Access to the cave for one session costs 30€ for external guests and 25€ for guests staying in the hotel.


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